My changes in kendo external templates are ignored by IE

Hi guys,
Again a very simple tip on kendo : if you’re using kendo external templates, you might be wondering why your recent changes aren’t reflected, or even why recently new added templates can’t be found when running your site within Internet Explorer.

IE in particular will cache your kendo template files in folder Temporary Internet Files. Feel free to empty that folder to get your last modifications !


Parsing an xml to get a javascript object

Parsing an xml with JavaScript to get the information you want is pretty easy. But parsing any xml to dynamically get exactly the equivalent plain JavaScript object may require a little algorithm. So you’re going to deal with a little of reflection, which is pretty easy with a weakly-typed language such as JavaScript, and you wanna build a recursive function to loop through your xml tree.
As I didn’t find a generic method on the web to get a JavaScript object from an xml, I built my own little method. So, if you’re in the same situation, here’s the code now :
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