My changes in kendo external templates are ignored by IE

Hi guys,
Again a very simple tip on kendo : if you’re using kendo external templates, you might be wondering why your recent changes aren’t reflected, or even why recently new added templates can’t be found when running your site within Internet Explorer.

IE in particular will cache your kendo template files in folder Temporary Internet Files. Feel free to empty that folder to get your last modifications !


Kendo autocomplete box and server filtering

Hello all,
A very simple thought today but as it took me some time to figure it out, I thought that little post could make you spare some.

I used the autocomplete box from kendo UI bound with a remote datasource. Based on the user input, server returned a set of matching words, processing quotes for example for a google-like exact search. But the autocomplete box kept filtering client-side too, looking for quotes in the results set and filtering all my server results…. I finally figured out that setting “serverFiltering = true” on the datasource itself stopped the client-side filtering !
Happy coding !

var dataSource = new{
      transport: {
         read: { url : "http....",
      success: function (response) {
 serverFiltering: true, //set it to true to stop client-side filtering
 total: 5, //five results only
 optionLabel: "Type in a...",

 dataSource: dataSource,
 dataTextField: "toto",
 dataValueField: "titi",
 )} ;