Kendo autocomplete box and server filtering

Hello all,
A very simple thought today but as it took me some time to figure it out, I thought that little post could make you spare some.

I used the autocomplete box from kendo UI bound with a remote datasource. Based on the user input, server returned a set of matching words, processing quotes for example for a google-like exact search. But the autocomplete box kept filtering client-side too, looking for quotes in the results set and filtering all my server results…. I finally figured out that setting “serverFiltering = true” on the datasource itself stopped the client-side filtering !
Happy coding !

var dataSource = new{
      transport: {
         read: { url : "http....",
      success: function (response) {
 serverFiltering: true, //set it to true to stop client-side filtering
 total: 5, //five results only
 optionLabel: "Type in a...",

 dataSource: dataSource,
 dataTextField: "toto",
 dataValueField: "titi",
 )} ;

2 thoughts on “Kendo autocomplete box and server filtering”

  1. What did you use Server Side? Web API? Trying to figure out what my server side class/method needs to look like so the autocomplete datasource calls it correctly…

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